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Sunday Scribblings has offered up a smorgasbord of topics for this week’s writings, among them….In the Kitchen.

When I was growing up, kitchens were strictly the woman’s domain.  Women went in…..food came out.  On an ordinary day, kitchen-life was pretty ordinary.  But on the holidays or a special family occasion, the kitchen came to life.

A kitchen filled with women is a magical place.  My Mom and aunts would gather to prepare the meal, but there was always more going on than just the preparation of food.  There was talk, and lots of laughter, and sometimes hushed undertones that really piqued my curiosity.  I longed to be a part of it, but when I entered the room, all talk would stop.  They would smile and ask what I needed, and waited patiently for me to leave before their talk resumed.   It was a happy day when I was finally old enough to be included in the group, to hear the gossip and the jokes, and the stories told on the men of the family.  It made me feel so ADULT. 

Today, my sisters and I are the ones in the kitchen on the holidays.   We laugh and talk and carry on so much, that it’s a wonder any food makes it to the table.   We share more in this kitchen-time than we ever did growing up, and I know them even better because of it.   For some reason it’s much easier to talk…even about the hard things…when you’re stirring a pan of gravy, or mixing up some biscuits.  The kitchen becomes a sanctuary, and we are free to talk and discuss, and what we say will stay within those walls. 

My nieces are all of an age to join us now, and to our great joy….they DO.  They bring their stories, and share their hardest problems and woes.   It is amazing to see how these young girls open up and talk about things I CAN NOT IMAGINE ever sharing with my mother and aunts.  But these are different times, and we have raised our girls with lots of love and acceptance, and they feel free to talk about anything with us.  That makes us happy.  And I think they’re happy too.

The kitchen IS the heart of the home.    If you haven’t been spending enough time there, gather some family together and go cook something.  You’ll produce a whole lot more than food.


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