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Sometimes new things can be scary.  Even something as simple as a new washing machine.  When our old set gave it up, we purchased new, and this was the weekend to install.  I won’t go into the details of all that entailed….suffice it to say that when we found a partially rotted floor from a previously leaking hot water heater, it turned into a two-day event, complete with replaced floor and new tile.  But this morning I am washing clothes.

The first cycle I chose was Heavy Duty…hubby’s work clothes need all the help they can get.  I loaded them up, put the soap in the dispenser, hit the start button and waited.  And waited.  Surely there should be the sound of water rushing into the tub?  It took me awhile (I’m the first to admit I’m not at all mechanically inclined, if this counts as mechanical) but eventually I realized that the water to the machine had been turned off when the new hoses were connected.  Turning them on sent water into the tub. 

And then the strange sounds happened.  Water ran, stopped, followed by a sound not unlike someone weed-wacking outside.  I poked my head out the door.  Nothing.  The sound was coming from the machine.  More water was dispensed.  Stopped.  Strange sound again.  Sounding a bit like a jet engine warming up.  After 5 minutes of this I panicked.  I stopped the machine and chose a “Normal” cycle.  It functioned as I’d hoped, and without any weird sounds.  In fact, it was so quiet, even through the spin cycle, that I was constantly checking to make sure it was running and working properly.

In analyzing the situation, I’m thinking that the first cycle I tried included a “Soak” cycle, and that’s what was happening….it would add water, soak a bit, add some more, soak a bit…but I don’t know what the engine sounds were.  The manual does tell me, though, that I may hear some unusual sounds and that that was perfectly normal.  Maybe I’ll get brave enough to try it again later.


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