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Life can turn on a dime.   Don’t you dare doubt it.  One minute your life is safe, happy, secure…not a cloud in sight.  Turn around and everything has changed.  Something so horrific impacts you, and your family, and life will never be the same again.

A dark road, a drunk driver…someone in your family…a crash, and the life of a good friend is taken.  Stunned, you try to process the news you are hearing.  You reel from the loss of a person who has been like a family member, a part of everyone’s life.  And you choke on the thought that your “real” family member is responsible for this friend’s death.  

Drunk.  Not an unusual state for this person.  Oh, I can’t count the times the family intervened and interferred and insisted, begged and pleaded for this person to get some help.  But they didn’t want it.  Didn’t need it.  They could function just fine.

We’ll see how well they function in prison.  Right now it looks like that is going to be the outcome.  Vehicular homicide.  Drunk.   Our friend’s life was taken from them.  Our family member’s life is over too.  And our family will never be the same.

It’s a mess.


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