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I’d like to thank a little old lady named Lenora, who, many years ago, introduced me to quilting. 

Lenora was the head of the quilting committee at our small church.  Upon her shoulders rested the responsiblity for keeping every local nursing home stocked with a supply of quilts for it’s residents.  She took this duty seriously, and was always on the look-out for new recruits for her cause.

My first role in the quilt making process was to help lay out the layers of fabric to be sandwiched into a quilt, clamping them to the quilt frame, and making them ready to be quilted.  Or, in the case of these “charity” quilts, tying was the preferred…and faster….method.   A needle with thread was pushed through all three layers, then back up and cut off, leaving tails that could be tied into a tight knot that would secure the layers of fabric.  My job was to get on the floor UNDER the quilt, and when the needle was pushed through, I would grab it, and push it back up to the quilter above. 

Now, many years later, I have proudly produced many beautiful quilts for my family and friends.  I don’t use the tie method, but hand quilt them instead.  Lots and lots of tiny stitches binding the quilt together.  It is a hobby that has given me great pleasure over the years.  A chance to express my creativity, and to delight someone I love with the gift of a quilt.

Thank you, Lenora!  It is good to know that at 88  years of age, you are still constantly quilting.


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