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It’s time for mid-term elections here in the US.  While I’m sick to death of the political ads on TV, and the phone calls from candidates of both political persuasions….I cast my vote over a week ago….I can appreciate that in a lot of ways, this election is more important than the presidential election of two years ago. 

I heard on a radio program last week this statement:  When the government is afraid of the people, you have a good government.  When the people are afraid of the government, your government…and country….are going downhill.  Well, the people in this country are afraid of their government.  Life is pretty scary here right now, and even though there are a lot of reasons for what has happened, one fears the solutions and motives of the people in power.   Our government has strayed so far from the Constitution upon which our country was founded, and the people are angry.  Really angry.  Will it be reflected in Tuesday’s election?  I hope so.


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All Manner of Men Love Meat.  Or so it reads in a southern cookbook I picked up a long time ago.  It’s certainly true around my house.  Hubby feels like he hasn’t been fed if there isn’t meat on the table.  The vegetable offerings are mere appetizers to the main meat course.  Last night I served up a totally vegetarian meal, and I’m happy to say he survived.  He even enjoyed it. 

I made Elizabeth’s tomato and zucchini tart, which we both really like.  As I can’t eat mayo any more, I substituted marscapone cheese and mixed it with the parmesan and basil.  It was wonderful!  (I anticpate eating the leftovers for lunch.)  I also had a spinach salad with cranberries and pecans, and made up a small batch of popovers.  I have the feeling that without the popovers hubby would have been hungry…or thinking he was…at the end of this meal.  But he ate heartily, and we both enjoyed the meatless meal.  I enjoyed it with a glass of Menage a Trois wine.  This inexpensive, but tasty, little wine has become my favorite and a bottle is always on hand.  I’m not a fan of really dry wines, and this one is a blend of zinfadel, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.  Just right to my taste.

For supper tonight I am making amends with elk steak and potatoes.  Sadly, I discovered that there are only 3 packages of elk meat left.  Hubby didn’t score an elk during the early hunt, so keeping fingers crossed for the hunt in Nov-Dec.  After all, a man needs meat….and I kind of like it too.

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My ex-mother-in-law passed away last week.  She was a terrific lady, and I often tell people that the reason I married her son was so I could be in her family.  Maybe that’s why the marriage didn’t work…it was more about her and the family, than him.  That and the fact that we were young…waaaay too young to even think about getting married.  Still, I was willing to work at it, and it broke my heart when my husband said he loved me….but he wasn’t ready to be married yet.   If only he’d figured that out BEFORE we got married.  He wanted to divorce, sow a few more wild oats, and then get remarried.  WHAT??  Well, we divorced, but we never saw each other again, much less got together.  And that was 38 years ago.

But this week I am looking at the photos from the funeral service, seeing all the faces that I used to hold so dear, and remembering lots of memories of times spent as a part of their lives.   Happy family get-togethers, often occurring because we all happened to pop into the in-laws on a weekend just to say hi.   Vacations taken together.   Holidays.   All the little moments that bind a family.

But while I remembered the past, I also felt a sense of loss.   Looking at these photos, seeing new faces of children and grandchildren, and I felt…just for a bit…that these people shoud be my family.  That I was robbed of a life with them, taken out of their midst unwillingly, kicking and screaming in protest.  Regret for not fighting harder to hold on to my marriage.  For not insisting that we do everything we could to make it work.

But, life went on.   I married the most wonderful man in the world, and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone or anything.  Our life together has been so happy.  We suit each other perfectly, and I thank God every day for putting him in my life.  And while I had a few moments of sadness for what was lost, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Gosh, I love writing that….October.  Is there anyone who doesn’t just love this month and all the beauty that comes with it? 

Today I am torn between wanting to clean my closets of summer clothing, replacing with warmer fall/winter garb, or working on a quilt project.  I’m also preparing a pot of chicken soup for supper, and homemade rolls.  With so much on my “to do” list, I’d better get busy.

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