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A friend came by to say good-bye this morning.  She and her husband are moving to Oregon this weekend.  THIS weekend.  I knew the move was coming, but it was not supposed to happen for another two weeks.

She and I have been friends for 30 years.  THIRTY YEARS!  Where has the time gone?  We became the best of friends when her husband was pastoring the church I attended.  After 5 years, they moved to California, divorced, and she remarried after awhile and moved to Oregon.  When that marriage dissolved, she married again and moved to Nevada.  Needless to say, it had been awhile since I’d seen her, when they moved back here ten years ago.  But resuming our friendship “in person” was so easy.  Like we’d never been apart.  There were daily phone calls, weekly lunches or afternoon walks, trips to quilt shops on the weekends, or dinner and a movie.  Her husband is a truck driver, and he’s often gone for days at a time, so we spent a lot of time together…talking, laughing, solving the world’s problems, and dealing with life’s little surprises.  

 Four years ago she felt the need to go back to work, and our time together shortened considerably.  The daily phone calls turned to every other week…then once a month.  We’d go out to lunch on special occasions, like each other’s birthday.   She now spent her weekends catching up on rest, housework and laundry, and spending time with her husband…no more “girl time” for us.  We both lamented the change, and kept vowing to do something about it.

And then came the news that they were moving to Oregon.  Her daughters married Australian men and live in “Oz”, and the only other family she has…nieces and nephews…live in Oregon.  She wanted to be near family, and who can blame her for that?  Her truck driver husband can work out of anywhere, so he was okay with it.  Their home was put on the market, and sold last month.   She was going to quit her job Jan. 7, and they’d leave for Oregon two weeks later. 

She called me this morning to say they are leaving for Oregon tomorrow.  She apologized, and said she’d had such a busy week that she “forgot” to let me know any sooner.  I am so sad.  And angry.  Mad that we didn’t get any time together before she’s gone.  No afternoon spent packing, talking about the future, recalling times together.  No tea and cookies (she ALWAYS has cookies).  No nothing.  Just popped in for a quick hug, and she was gone.

And now I’m realizing that my real anger isn’t that she’s leaving on such short notice.  It’s that our relationship had deteriorated to the point that she could be leaving town, and not think to let me know.  How did that happen?


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I love that it is 2011…I much prefer years that are oddly numbered.  Just a quirk I guess, preferring odd to even.  2010 wasn’t so bad, but I expect this year to be better.  It’s good that we have expectations and a positive outlook, dontcha think?

Resolutions?  Well, if I have any they are the same as always.  Wanting to eat better, and exercise more.  Yada yada yada.  I’d also like to be more organized with my quilting, and hopefully get more projects done.  I would LOVE to remind myself that if you want a Christmas wall hanging done in time for the holidays, you need to start in JUNE.  I get to October and wish that I had a cute fall table topper, or something cute for the kitchen wall, and it’s too late.  I need to remember that designers put their seasonal fabric lines out 6 months before the season.  Look for fall and Christmas-themed fabric in February. 

I have lots of unfinished quilt projects too.  Maybe this year is a good time to wrap those up.  Hubby continues to look for his quilt under the Christmas tree, and every year I have forgotten ALL ABOUT IT, and it remains unfinished in a box somewhere.  Maybe I can surprise him this year.  He’d really like that…..that, and a drill press.  Which he tells me when we are returning some stuff to Sears AFTER Christsmas.  For months before he hadn’t a clue what he wanted for Christmas, and so he got a gift card to his favorite store, Cabelas.  Well, they don’t sell drill presses…only sporting goods and camoflauge clothing (and really decent fudge).

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a feast of bubbly wine, shrimp and red pepper sushi, cream cheese, shrimp and cocktail sauce “dip” for crackers, and little artichoke spinach bread bowl appetizers.  To follow all this gluttony, I took home-made chicken noodle soup out for a late “supper.”   We managed to stay up til midnight, and slept in this morning.

January 1 is a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, it’s not as cold as it has been the last few days (a mere 33F), and we’re just lazing around and thinking about cleaning out all the storage closets before we strip all the holiday trimming down and pack it away.  I think that’s a noble idea.  Will it actually get done?  Stay tuned!

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