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Last December our neighbor died unexpectedly, leaving behind a bed-ridden mother, and a big fluffy tom cat.  While there are people taking care of the mother, I’m not so sure about the cat.  And so we have adopted him. 

I think it’s a “him.”  He’s big.  Either a persian or himalayan…some long-haired variety.  He’s chocolate colored, hence my naming him “Choco.”  Not that he responds to this name.  He has uber attitude, and while he looks at you with a certain disdain, he’s not above eating the food I put out for him.  Fact is, he has us well trained.  He knows that when he comes and sits on the corner of the porch and looks in the big picture window, someone will immediately hop up and fill his food dish.  And then he’ll hiss at us.  Hubby used to say he was just yawning at us, but no…it’s a wide open- mouth hiss.  I tell him not to hiss the hand that feeds him, and he just gives me this sweet stare until I go inside and leave him to eat in peace.

I’ve cautiously approached him, talking softly, hand extended, hoping that he’ll come close enough to let me pet him, but he’ll have none of it.  He doesn’t run off any more, like he did at first, but he’ll back up just out of reach.  I guess I’m making progress.  With all my pet allergies, I couldn’t keep him inside even if he wanted to come in, so I guess I’ll be happy with what I’ve got….a lovely, hissing, elusive, filled-with-attitude outdoor cat.


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AND I’M READY FOR BED.  Nothing to write about tonight.  Watched some TV and a bit of reading.  No big plans for tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll get to that gift wrapping.

Nite all!

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And, oh…it’s going to be a beautiful one.  The sun is peeking through some pretty dense fog right now, but it’s a promise of a pretty day.  It’s not raining, so there’s a blessing in itself.

After a week off, Michael went to work this morning.  In another week or two…maybe less…he’ll be off for most of the winter.  There’ll be a day of work here and there, but nothing steady until it picks up in the spring.  We’re used to the schedule, and plan accordingly.  I keep saying that we need to get out and DO things while he’s not working, but it never happens.  I am not sure why.

As for doing things, I have plans for today.  I’ve already picked up most of the house, and am now going to pack up the fall decor and replace it with red and green.  Then I’ll get to making those organizational lists for the holiday, and wrap some gifts.  And if I’m REALLY organized and stay on track, I may get around to starting that new quilt top!

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Since the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, it’s time to start SERIOUSLY thinking Christmas, and all that that holiday entails.  I was ready to go a few weeks ago.  Making the fruitcake, singing the carols, the UPS guy showing up in my drive every day for a week.  But now it seems that all my get-up-and-go got up and went.

I blame part of it on the weather.  It was nice a few weeks ago, and one always feels more motivated when the sun is shining.  The drab gray, wet skies of late would put a damper on anyone’s mood.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and I’m counting on it so that I will get my house chores done quickly, and then I will sit down and make lists.  And notes.  Itemizing and prioritizing what needs to be done and when. 

What cookies should I make this year?  I have several new ones I want to try.  What about truffles?  Everyone loves them, but my attempts are sticky gooey balls of chocolate that taste great, but aren’t that pretty.  I’ve had a request for peanut brittle, so need to go in search of raw peanuts.  Almond roca would be nice too.  I like to make up cookie and candy bags for friends, and of course hubby feels neglected and unloved if his favorites aren’t prepared.  He’ll want macaroons, fudge, and plain old butter cookies with frosting.

Pumpkins need to be stored away, and Christmas decorations brought out.  Gifts need to be wrapped.  And of course, we need to go tree shopping.  We’ve got a busy weekend planned….concert and a birthday….so I don’t know if the tree will materialize this weekend.  But soon!  It’s very motivating to have a tree up!

Looks to me like I have my work cut out for me this week, as I join the millions of others hard at work to make their family’s holiday memorable.

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Hubby still out hunting for an elk, so once again…the day to myself.  I’m afraid I haven’t done anything constructive, including starting that new quilt.

Instead, I have done some cleaning, and some online shopping.  Not much…I’m waiting to see what will be available on “cyber Monday.”  Still need a few gifts for the men in hubby’s family.  And then I’ll be done.  Yay!

I guess it’s time to put away the pumpkins and get out the Christmassy decor.  Maybe get a tree this week if Michael isn’t working. 

This coming weekend we have a concert on Friday night….”The Good Lovelies”.  Three young women, holiday-themed.  Saturday is hubby’s birthday, and I suppose he’ll be hunting again, which means I won’t be getting a good meal at our favorite restaurant on the beach.  Maybe we can swing that Friday before the concert.  I hope so.  I’m hungry for some dungeness crab cakes and a bottle of Dead Guy ale!

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Oh, my goodness.  I ate way too much yesterday.  Seriously.  Two full Thanksgiving dinners, and 3 (yes, 3!!) pieces of pie.  Small pieces, but nevertheless…3.  I had the chocolate pumpkin and lemon meringue at the first party, pecan at the second.  I have plain pumpkin in the fridge, untasted yet.  I am ashamed of myself for all the gluttony, and today when my SIL posted photos of the party on her FB page, I am even more ashamed.  THIS GIRL NEEDS TO GO ON A DIET IMMEDIATELY!!  No wonder my doctor is hollering at me.  I guess in my mind’s eye I am not only still only 35 years old, but I weigh 100 lbs.  I need a HUGE REALITY CHECK.  As if the scale wasn’t enough.

People everywhere were heading out to the Black Friday sales at ungodly hours to score the big transaction.  Why is it called Black Friday?  Hubby asked me that tonight, and I didn’t have an answer.  I guess I’ll ask Google later.  Maybe because the retailers are “in the black” after all the sales?  Anyway, hubby went hunting and I planned to spend the day quilting and reading….just some relaxing me time, with the whole day to myself.  I headed upstairs to my sewing room, and was aghast at all the (clean) laundry that needed ironing, having piled up on the ironing board and sewing table in the last couple of weeks.  I’d gotten out more winter clothing, washed them, and there they were.  So, before I could even think of starting a new quilting project, these clothes needed to be dealt with.  I found a favorite movie (In Her Shoes) on the tv, and went to work.  Now I have a closet full of nicely ironed clean clothes, and tomorrow I can begin that new quilt project.

I also hope to finish reading “The Help.”  I’ve had it on my Kindle for quite a while, but I put it aside whenever requested books come in from the library.  I think I’m in a place where I can finish it in one sitting…if I can just sit still long enough.

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Yesterday I spent the entire day in the kitchen.  If I wasn’t cooking, I was washing up.  I don’t know how many times I refilled the sink with dishwater, but it was a lot. 

There are three pies in the fridge, along with deviled eggs, cranberry sauce made with the leftover lemon peel from the fruitcakes, shrimp mousse, and a dish of creamed leeks.  The yeast rolls I made earlier are thawing on the counter.  My sister who is hosting us this afternoon says that my other sister and I do all the work…she just pops the turkey in the oven.  She has a point.  (Tho she also makes the most delicious stuffing ever, and a yummy pecan pie.)  She also has a cold.  She says not to worry…she is tough, and she will be over it before we get there.  She has also Norwexed everything.  I am going to suggest she wear a Norwex cloth across her face.  I don’t expect she will take me up on that.

Our first dinner at 1:00 will be at Michael’s brother’s.  I won’t eat much there…have to pace myself, you know.

We tried to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but 5 minutes into it I remembered why I said we wouldn’t ever watch it again.  It’s not a PARADE any more…it’s a bunch of ridiculous dance acts performed on the stage in front of Macy’s, and if you’re lucky, they might show a float now and then.  So, I’m spending these hours getting myself ready to go, and then will watch the dog show that follows the parade.  That’s always fun!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, and remember to thank the Giver of all good things.

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