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I recently wrote a post about “the search for church.”  We were finding more and more issues with the last church we attended, and really concentrated on praying about it and  rethinking our attitudes.  A few weeks ago we decided to return to the church that we had liked except for the pastor’s sermons.  What is more important?  The ability to worship in a meaningful and beautiful manner, to share communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to share each other’s burdens by sharing prayer requests…..or having a really exciting, stimulating message each week?  We opted for the former.

We felt good from the moment we walked in the door.  The people were friendly, the music was beautiful, AND the pastor’s sermon was very good too.  We left that day, eager for next Sunday.  And that week we weren’t disappointed either.  Or the next.  We were finally feeling like we belonged there…that it was the right place for us.  Our search was over.

As we left the sanctuary this past Sunday, the pastor hurried over to greet us.  He extended his hand…”Welcome home” he said.  I almost cried then and there.  We chatted a few minutes –long enough to verify that he didn’t think we were some long lost members of the congregation who had, indeed, “returned home.”  We felt like our decision had been confirmed, and left with a real peace in our hearts.  It feels good to be home.


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