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My 67th birthday is approaching.  Whoever thought I’d be that old?  Certainly not me!  I must say, I come from a good gene pool, and nobody thinks that I look my age.  My grocery store made me show proof of age when I wanted to take advantage of their 7% off on Tuesdays for those over 55.  That made me feel good.

I think I have my hairdresser to thank for a lot of my “young” look.  If my hair were left natural (and I’m tempted) it would be a silvery gray instead of a warm brown with highlights.  One of my younger sisters has let her hair go natural and I gotta say…she looks 70.  Her twin still colors and looks 55.  So.  My husband doesn’t want me to stop, and since HE’s not gray yet, I guess I won’t.

Looks aside, I am taking steps to keep my brain active.  I have subscribed to Fit Brains, and will be getting a daily work out on their web site.  I think it’s a good thing.  I enjoy that type of thing anyway, and it certainly can’t hurt.  They had a “sale” price on the site at $75 for one year….$109 for two.  I signed up for two.  It was a one-time fee, while the other was recurring.  I don’t like recurring charges….I like to be in charge, and I’m afraid I’d let something slip by me that I no longer want.  But maybe this web site will help me remember.


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