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My father-in-law passed away last Sunday.  He was 91, very frail, and while we knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer, it was still a surprise.  And we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.  I adored this man.  I like to tell my husband that his father was one of the main reasons I married him.  He was special.  He was Italian.  Does that explain a lot of it?  He had four sons, and no daughters.  I think his two daughters-in-law were very special to him.  He always made us feel that way, and we doted on him.  It was a love-love situation.

And while his passing makes me sad, it’s another issue that makes me sad tonight.  His memorial service is tomorrow, and no one from my family is going to be there.  Not one of my three sisters, or my brother.  Why is that?  Don’t they know how important that is to me….to my husband?  How does HE feel, knowing they don’t deem it important enough to show up for his sake?  I KNOW how he feels….hurt.  They all live in the area, so that’s not an excuse.  One sister didn’t even respond to the knowledge of his passing.  She didn’t call…send a card…FB me.  Nothing.  And yes, she definitely knew about it.  They were acquainted with my FIL, as he attended many of our family parties and gatherings.  He even spent Christmas with us, as Christmas Eve was his family celebration.

It’s hard not to feel bad about it….sad about it.  I don’t get it.  These people are in their 60’s….they are not kids with a different sense of what is “proper.”  I’m hurt by their indifference, and I think I may be holding a grudge for awhile.


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