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I must apologize for another post without any real content.  I am trying to keep to my 30 days/30 posts schedule, and almost forgot today.  It’s been one of those days where I’ve been busy since my feet hit the floor this morning.  I think it’s the gloriously beautiful weather that has me so motivated and up and running.  This is most unusual for November around here, and I am taking advantage of it.

The house smells good this evening.  Have a pan of pork chow mein on the stove.  Not something I make often, but we always enjoy it when I do.  Hubby called to say he is working late, so I may be eating my meal without him.   He also tells me that he has to work tomorrow (Saturday), so there go any plans we might have formulated over a leisurely breakfast.  Ah well….before you know it, his work will have pretty much shut down for the winter, and we’ll have more than enough free time on our hands.  I’m already makings lists of things to do and places to go!


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NOVEMBER 20, 2010

Good morning!  It’s a foggy one here.  Or maybe just plain overcast with lots of rain in the future.  And cold.  We are supposed to get really cold weather this weekend, and maybe even snow at sea level come Monday.  Snow for Thanksgiving….wouldn’t be the first time.

Our church is having it’s big Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and I will be preparing candied yams and fresh cranberry sauce this afternoon before we run up to Olympia for the family November  Birthday Bash and Soup Party.  That’s always a fun time.  We have 5 family members with November birthdays ( and you know who you are!), ranging from 4 years to 54.  There will be 4 different pots of soup to choose from, and almost always include a taco soup, a chicken noodle soup, and a vegetable beef soup.  My nephew will bring something more exotic…like butternut with green curry paste, hazelnut butter, and coconut milk.  I’m bringing a cheesecake (thank you, Costco), and making a mixed berry compote to serve with.  Compote….it’s such an old-fashioned word, isn’t it?

To work off the cheesecake, a friend has given me her grandmother’s stationary bicycle.  Well, I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s mine for the taking.  She says it is a really nice one, with  resistance bars you pull for arm toning.  My research says that a bike like this is good exercise for my arthritic knees, and much better for them than using a treadmill…which they don’t encourage at all….and always causes swelling in my left knee. 

Are you ready for the holidays?  Because they’re here!!  We’ve done a bit of shopping.  Gift cards, and presents for the little ones.  I’ve GOT to get started on the fruitcake for my FIL.  Remind me to go pick up the rum. 

I think I will get hubby a GPS this year.  Maybe he’ll take me on a road trip if I do.

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Life can turn on a dime.   Don’t you dare doubt it.  One minute your life is safe, happy, secure…not a cloud in sight.  Turn around and everything has changed.  Something so horrific impacts you, and your family, and life will never be the same again.

A dark road, a drunk driver…someone in your family…a crash, and the life of a good friend is taken.  Stunned, you try to process the news you are hearing.  You reel from the loss of a person who has been like a family member, a part of everyone’s life.  And you choke on the thought that your “real” family member is responsible for this friend’s death.  

Drunk.  Not an unusual state for this person.  Oh, I can’t count the times the family intervened and interferred and insisted, begged and pleaded for this person to get some help.  But they didn’t want it.  Didn’t need it.  They could function just fine.

We’ll see how well they function in prison.  Right now it looks like that is going to be the outcome.  Vehicular homicide.  Drunk.   Our friend’s life was taken from them.  Our family member’s life is over too.  And our family will never be the same.

It’s a mess.

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Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is PHOTOGRAPH.

Her sweet little picture has been on my refrigerator from the day she was born.  Oh, the picture changed, as she did, but one was always there.  The most recent showed a smiling face with the quilt I had made for her.  Her eyes squinted shut, and that baby grin with all her teeth showing.  Smiling for her Auntie. 

At just 15 months, she didn’t say much.  She didn’t have to.  Her eyes and her actions told the world how she was feeling.  You knew when she was happy to see you.  When she was hungry.  When things in her world weren’t quite right.  Oh yes, she had that one down pat.  She lit up for her Mommy and Daddy, and sometimes ran for cover when her brother headed her way.  She is beloved, our precious baby girl, and now our little angel.

There was nothing wrong with her.  Not visibly.  The defect that her little body harbored from the day she was conceived, was not something that presented itself to her doctor, much less her parents.  It took a coroner and lots of testing to find out what had happened.  It was good to know that it wasn’t something that could have been prevented.  Less guilt that way.  But it doesn’t help the hurt.  The pain of losing this precious child may dim over the years, but it will never, ever, go away.

And until we are with her again, we have photographs.  Lots and lots of them.  She smiles at us from the kitchen frig, from our desks, and our walls, and the screen saver on our computer.  Until we can have the real thing, in heaven, photographs will have to do.


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