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Feeling excited today because I have finally “bit the bullet” and sent some quilt tops out to be professionally quilted.  I used to do them by hand, but arthritis has prevented me from doing this any more, and quilt tops were piling up in my sewing room.

I have sent 5 to a quilter in Wyoming, and 2 to a quilter in North Carolina.  The one that has come back is gorgeous.  I wasn’t crazy about it to begin with, but having it quilted…and then washed for that “vintage” look…has made all the difference.  I wish it were bigger so I could have it on my bed.  As it is, it will make a sweet quilt for my littlest niece when she gets her “big girl” bed.  Which means I can enjoy it for another year.  🙂

I started a quilt top a few days ago, a kit of prepackaged fabric and a pattern.  After days of cutting, I began sewing the pieces together tonight, and I came to this conclusion:  I don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all.  And I don’t want to spend the next month putting it together.  Life is too short to spend time doing something you don’t want to do!  I have beautiful fabrics and lots of patterns to choose from that I know would give me joy at the creative process.  Can’t wait to get started on something new tomorrow!


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My father-in-law passed away last Sunday.  He was 91, very frail, and while we knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer, it was still a surprise.  And we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.  I adored this man.  I like to tell my husband that his father was one of the main reasons I married him.  He was special.  He was Italian.  Does that explain a lot of it?  He had four sons, and no daughters.  I think his two daughters-in-law were very special to him.  He always made us feel that way, and we doted on him.  It was a love-love situation.

And while his passing makes me sad, it’s another issue that makes me sad tonight.  His memorial service is tomorrow, and no one from my family is going to be there.  Not one of my three sisters, or my brother.  Why is that?  Don’t they know how important that is to me….to my husband?  How does HE feel, knowing they don’t deem it important enough to show up for his sake?  I KNOW how he feels….hurt.  They all live in the area, so that’s not an excuse.  One sister didn’t even respond to the knowledge of his passing.  She didn’t call…send a card…FB me.  Nothing.  And yes, she definitely knew about it.  They were acquainted with my FIL, as he attended many of our family parties and gatherings.  He even spent Christmas with us, as Christmas Eve was his family celebration.

It’s hard not to feel bad about it….sad about it.  I don’t get it.  These people are in their 60’s….they are not kids with a different sense of what is “proper.”  I’m hurt by their indifference, and I think I may be holding a grudge for awhile.

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My 67th birthday is approaching.  Whoever thought I’d be that old?  Certainly not me!  I must say, I come from a good gene pool, and nobody thinks that I look my age.  My grocery store made me show proof of age when I wanted to take advantage of their 7% off on Tuesdays for those over 55.  That made me feel good.

I think I have my hairdresser to thank for a lot of my “young” look.  If my hair were left natural (and I’m tempted) it would be a silvery gray instead of a warm brown with highlights.  One of my younger sisters has let her hair go natural and I gotta say…she looks 70.  Her twin still colors and looks 55.  So.  My husband doesn’t want me to stop, and since HE’s not gray yet, I guess I won’t.

Looks aside, I am taking steps to keep my brain active.  I have subscribed to Fit Brains, and will be getting a daily work out on their web site.  I think it’s a good thing.  I enjoy that type of thing anyway, and it certainly can’t hurt.  They had a “sale” price on the site at $75 for one year….$109 for two.  I signed up for two.  It was a one-time fee, while the other was recurring.  I don’t like recurring charges….I like to be in charge, and I’m afraid I’d let something slip by me that I no longer want.  But maybe this web site will help me remember.

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Beautiful Day

After an extremely mild winter, spring has arrived full force here on coastal Washington.  We’ve had several days of temps in the 70’s, and no rain to speak of in the last week or so.  Everything is budding and blooming and growing.

We celebrated this sunny Saturday with a trip to Home Depot’s nursery section.  While I drooled over dogwood trees and lace-leaf maples, I restricted my purchases to a few pots of rosemary, a bleeding heart to replace the one I mistakenly pulled last year, some sweet pea seeds, and a lovely cream colored hydrangea.  I am blessed to have a husband who will take care of all the planting for me.

He also washes cars.  Mine hadn’t been washed since last fall.  Fortunately it’s a pale grass green color and doesn’t show all the pollen that’s covered it in the last month….it just doesn’t shine.  Well, it’s all shiny now, bless his heart.

And it’s so nice outside, we may barbecue for dinner!  In April!!

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It’s been 3 years since I’ve written a post.  Is it time to start again?  I’d like to.  Maybe if I make myself write SOMETHING every day, I can get back into the swing of things.

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Wow….it took a lot of effort, but have finally arrived at that part of the holiday where I can just sit in my recliner, cup of tea close by, and just RELAX.  Contemplate on all that has been accomplished, and thinking with delight of the surprises in store for friends and family. 

Everything is baked, including a new recipe:  Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Cookies.  These are very good.  VERY good.  So are the sugar cookies baked with bits of crushed candy cane in the dough.  When they come out of the oven, and the candies are soft and melted….yum!  I hurriedly wrapped up more than half of these cookies for gifts, much to hubby’s dismay.  If it’s one thing he loves in life, it’s a cookie. 

I’ve made peanut butter balls, fudge and 5 batches of peanut brittle.  Most of this going to my gluten-intolerant brother.  Thankfully the microwave makes making peanut brittle an absolute snap…in under 15 minutes.  I made some with peanuts, and some with cashews, and I think the peanut kind is better.

Tonight after supper I made a frog-eye salad.  This is something new we tried last year, and it was a big hit with everyone who got to try it.  It’s similar to ambrosia, tho there is a cooked custard of sugar, flour, pineapple juice and eggs, added to a tub of coolwhip and combined with the drained fruit (pineapple and mandarin oranges). You also boil half a box of tiny pasta….the “frog eyes” and mix this in.   It all sits in the frig overnight, and before serving you add the coconut and mini marshmallows.  We’ll be serving it up, along with a green salad, at our pizza dinner Christmas Eve.

For our Christmas dinner, I’ll be bringing the rolls….and some dressing to go with the smoked turkey.  I’m not a fan of smoked turkey, but I greatly enjoy all the side dishes served with it!

Tomorrow night we’ll go to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church.  Looking forward to that and focusing on the “reason for the season.” 

That’s it for now.  I wish each and every one of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and all best wishes for the New Year!

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In the midst of all my busyness…..Emmanuel.

When I’m so tired I don’t think I can take another step…..Emmanuel.

When I’m trying so hard to please and it just isn’t working….Emmanuel.

When I lose my temper in frustration….Emmanuel.

And when I find that quiet time to center myself, and remember what this season is all about, and I communicate with my God….Emmanuel.

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